‘Buddhism: The Unspeakable Truth’

Written by Rob Hogendoorn

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September 13th, 2022 the network Arte (France, Germany) will broadcast a documentary by French documentary makers Elodie Emery and Wandrille Lanos: ‘Abuse in Buddhism: The Law of Silence‘ [previous working title: ‘Buddhism: The Unspeakable Truth’].

The German version is titled ‘Buddhismus: Missbrauch im Namen der Erleuchtung‘ [‘Buddhism: Abuse in the Name of Enlightenment’]. For a general idea of its content, translate the announcements using Google Translate or Deepl.

The makers filmed in several countries in Europe and Asia. I contributed to this documentary myself, and I thoroughly recommend watching it. I’ve gathered that the broadcast will be the international version, [previously titled:] ‘Buddhism: The Unspeakable Truth,’ with English postsynchronisation and subtitles. [The documentary can now be watched online here.]

The Tibetan Lama pictured in the announcement is Namkha Rinpoche, who’s currently based in Spain. He has been accused of sexual abuse by female ex-devotees in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Originally posted as a long-Tweet on August 27, 2022 [slightly edited, to include the correct English title and weblink].

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