An Interesting Spectacle

Written by Rob Hogendoorn

Less than a minute

It’s an interesting spectacle: compulsive apologists cannot cease to impute and ascribe all manner of intentions and motives—all of them noble, most of them through and through political—to the Dalai Lama.

With these ascribed intentions and motives, they hope to ‘explain,’ ‘excuse,’ or ‘justify’ the Dalai Lama’s very obvious failings towards the victims and survivors of abusive Tibetan Buddhist teachers.
The Dalai Lama doesn’t mention these rationales, but this doesn’t stop them. They simply ‘know’ such things. And yet, the selfsame apologists believe something’s awry when the Dalai Lama’s transactional dealings with abusive or even murderous leaders are framed as ‘realpolitik.’

Even the Dalai Lama can’t have his cake and eat it too. If he has political reasons to leave victims and survivors out in the cold, he should give out a statement to that effect, so that everyone knows that endorsing abusers is politics as usual.

Originally posted as a long-Tweet on September 29, 2022 (with slight edits).

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Rob Hogendoorn

Investigative reporter and academic researcher Rob Hogendoorn (b. 1964) began researching the reception of Buddhism in Western society and culture in the early 1990s. His modus operandi remained the same ever since: independent, inquisitive and provocative.